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  • Quizes are an integral part of ilearnplus.com. Quiz are independent units which can or can not be connected to any course.
  • A student can simply click on the Quiz in the course timeline to being with the Quiz.
  • Upon clicking the link the student is taken to the quiz interface. The quiz page shows instructions for the quiz.
  • To start the quiz the student simply needs to click on start quiz button.
  • Once the quiz is started the timer starts running.
  • If a student drops out from the quiz, the student can join the quiz within the time allotted for the quiz. Which means the timer will keep on running even if the student is not taking the quiz.
  • The Quiz can be submitted by the student simply by clicking on the button Submit Quiz.
  • If the student does not submit the quiz and the timer counts down to Zero, the quiz is automatically submitted.
  • Once the quiz is submitted the student can check his/her marked answers by clicking on Check quiz results button.
  • Now student awaits for instructor to evaluate the Quiz if quiz is set for manual evaluation.
February 1, 2020

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