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  1. Dashboard : Student can view his own course progress, no of units completed, finished courses, his statistics, can prepare his to do tasks,course events. It is same like instructor dashboard.
  2. Courses : This section consits number of completed courses by students, the courses in which student is enrolled. It consists of further three subcategories : My Courses, Results, Stats
  3. Activity : This section records the activities of student. It consists of further 6 subcategories:
    • Personal
    • Mentions
    • Favourites
    • Friends
    • Course
    • Groups
  4. Profile : Student Profile is visible here where he can upload cover image as well as his profile image.
  5. Notifications : All the notifications are visible in this section(e.g. instructor notifications, course evaluated, course reset for student)
  6. Messages : All the messages send to students is visible in this section.
  7. Wishlist : User/Student Wishlist is visible in this section
  8. Friends : Whenever someone send you friend request, that will be visible in this section. And, if you are already a friend with someone then that wil also be visisble in this section under friendship subcategory. You can also send friend request to someone. For that access site url/members, it will display list of all members now just click on add friend and when that person accepts your friend request. Both of you become friends.
  9. Groups : Groups membership and group invitations will be visible in this section.
  10. Forums : It consists information like topic started in the forum, replies created, favourites, subscriptions.
  11. BuddyDrive : It records the file sharing between members, between friends via buddydrive feature.
  12. Settings : It consists general settings such as changing your password, resetting password, email notifications, setting for your profile visibility, delete, account.
  13. Achievements : Display your achievements.
February 1, 2020

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