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Ilearnplus offers a variety of components to promote interaction among students and instructors. BuddyPress is set up as a plugin that can be added to a WordPress site. It’s a large plugin, and it adds a lot of functionality. Users can create and update their profiles, send private messages to one another, befriend and de-friend each other, form and join groups, participate in forum discussions, and more. There are some core features which are discussed below:

Extended Profiles

Users can update their profiles from their profile section. They can update their profile photo, update or change their cover image, update about your location and bio.

Activity Streams

Activity streams aggregate all of your activities across a BuddyPress installation. Enabled BuddyPress components make use of the activity stream component, which means any sort of activity can be recorded. Blogs posts, new friendships and blog comments are among the most popular activities recorded.


If Friendship component is enabled in buddypress then a student can send friendship request to other members (students+ instructors). Friends have access to send private message and invite each other groups etc.

Private Messaging

Private messaging allows greater interaction among students.Members can message other people on their friends list as well as reply to received messages. Each member has their own individual Inbox and Sent messages folders as well as a Compose message screen. Members are notified of new messages in three ways:

  • By email (if enabled by the user)
  • By an incremented number in the notification circle located in the WP Admin Toolbar
  • By an incremented number in the Messages tab if the user is on their own profile

Quiz and Course results are sent to users via private messaging, wherein students can directly interact with their instructor on the results.


Groups are a very powerful component of BuddyPress which allows greater levels of interaction. Each course can be connected to a Group and while students access to course is limited but a student is a lifetime member to a course. Using external plugins like Group documents, instructor can send assignments to students via this mode.


Each course and unit can be connected to forums. Each group can also be connected to a forum. If the group is private then the forum access is allowed only to group members. Which make the forum an exclusive forum for course members. We recommend connecting this same forum with the Groups course.

February 1, 2020

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