About ilearn+

iLearn+ is a platform which allows you to gain access to a diversity of courses within different categories.
You can define the pace of your learning as you have the flexibility to learn anything, anywhere and at any time with our online courses.
We live in a connected world, why not benefit from it?

Our courses

We offer you not only videos which you can watch and listen, but truly inspirational learning experiences which combine practice with theory, feedback and the necessary resources to succed (files, documentation, manuals, etc.)

We design learning experiences that support relevant skills and knowledge in a changing world, and strive to develop habits for learning and continuous improvement for our diverse audience of people with different motivations, helping people to perform better and achieve more.
Here is how our online courses online benefit you:
You can go at your own pace, not at the pace of a group (as in a live course)
You can contact the trainer and get feedback after you have completed an exercice.

It takes you less time to start and wind up a learning session
There no travel time to and from a training event
You only learn what you need to learn, you can skip elements of the course you don’t need or know already

And benefit the planet:

Online learning is also an effective way for each person to reduce their carbon footprint.


Our trainers are top experts in their domain, and recognised professionals with a wealth of experience. We all know what a difference a great trainer makes which is why we would only work with the most talented, engaging, and respected trainers.

They are eager to sharing with you the relevant insights, practical examples and their professional expertise through structured learning.


Ana Figueiredo

Ana Figueiredo [ Formadora ]